Pictures show “The Prosocial Effects of MDMA,” as researchers put it.

It turns out, octopuses like MDMA as nicely

Researchers have learned what transpires when you give the social gathering drug MDMA to an octopus, and say the animals stunning response has “amazing” implications. A group of scientists in the US determined to give a team of octopuses MDMA, normally referred to as ecstasy or Molly to see how it would change their conduct. […]

One of the researchers became interested after their cat got his tongue stuck in a fuzzy blanket.

Scientists make shocking discovery about cat tongues

Cat enthusiasts know when kitties groom, their tongues are fairly scratchy. Applying higher-tech scans and some other methods, experts are discovering how individuals sandpapery tongues assist cats get clean up and remain neat. The solution: Small hooks that spring up on the tongue — with scoops constructed in to have saliva deep into all that […]


China is applying lovely robotic lecturers in kindergartens

Rotund and complete of lifestyle, the Keeko robotic is an unconventional instructor of young ones in China, masking matters like storytelling and trouble-fixing. Built to be adorably lovable, the 60-centimetre tall robotic athletics very small wheels and a huge monitor for its confront. Keeko charges $one,500 and is seemingly a strike amongst college young ones, […]

Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator (the purplish, blue rod-shaped cells straddling orange carbon spheres) is a species of bacteria that survives on hydrogen. It was found living within a fluid and gas-filled fracture 2.8km beneath Earth’s surface at Mponeng Gold Mine near Johannesburg, South Africa.

New ‘zombie’ lifeforms uncovered less than seabed

Experts have drilled a two.five kilometres beneath the seabed and uncovered broad underground forests of “deep lifetime,” such as microbes that persist for countless numbers, possibly thousands and thousands of many years, scientists say. Feeding on practically nothing but the power from rocks, and current in a sluggish-movement, even zombie-like point out, beforehand unfamiliar varieties […]


Air taxi demo to just take to the skies in 2019

The skies of Singapore are established to excitement with their very first air taxis in 2019, when Volocopter commences its interior-city flight assessments. The German firm’s assessments, scheduled for the latter half of the year, will evaluate its EVTOL (electrical vertical just take-off and landing) vehicles’ suitability for the metropolis. The drone-like Volocopters can fly two […]